How to Correct Dog Behavior

Welcome to my Dog Behavior Guru Site!

Every year in my life I've been around dogs! Since I was little I had a pup named Ruffillack and he was the best! I grew up with him and effectively trained him to be my best friend! It was great and then I got another dog when I was fourteen and this as great as well! What I learned from all this exposure to dogs was about them. Hanging out with them all the time and having no friends taught me a lot. I paid close attention to their facial expressions and body language and figured out what dogs are thinking simply through this. You see, dogs communicate with body language and they can read into this very easily. I became like a dog!

Since then I've distilled many of what I learned and teach it to others. People are amazed at the tips on how to train a dog that I give them but they really aren't that crazy. They're common sense! Dogs aren't aliens to the world. They have the same desires and fears as we do!

The biggest mistake beginners make is punishing their dogs! Do not do this unless you want a dog that either hates you or doesn't listen to you at all!